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Our roots extend back as far as the 1870s with the Anderson Map Company and the Washington Map and Blueprint Company, making Kroll one of the oldest businesses in the Seattle area. 

This was another era, when maps were drawn with quill pens, map images were captured on glass photographic plates (and exposed to sunlight for printmaking), and field checks were performed on horseback.

Anderson Map "express delivery" circa 1895

Carl Kroll circa 1912

Kroll's tradition of quality cartography began in 1911, when Carl Kroll acquired the longstanding Anderson Map Company and the Washington Map and Blueprint Company.

Since its inception, the company has focused on mapping for real estate and local government, custom mapping, and the publication of numerous general mapping products.

In 1920 Carl Kroll sold the business to his close friend and employee, John Loacker, who with his son Waldemar, continued the Kroll tradition.  From the "Roaring Twenties," to the Great Depression, to the onset of the era of the digital revolution - the character of this small family business has remained intact.  Great employees and great clients form the basis of this resiliency and longevity.



From the early 1900's until 1975 Kroll was located on Second Avenue between Marion and Columbia Streets, in the heart of Seattle's old financial district.  Since that time we have remained at the corner of 3rd Avenue and Cedar Street in Belltown. 

In 1999 Metsker Maps of Seattle and Kroll Map Company joined to form a partnership of two historic Seattle businesses.  The Metsker Map Company opened a retail store in downtown Seattle in 1950 and that store was moved to the Pioneer Square area in the late 1970's.  From approximately 1980 until late 2003, the store operated out of a popular location at 1st Avenue and Cherry Street.  In early 2004 the store was moved to the 1511 First Avenue, in the heart of the Pike Place Market.  Our two companies offer a highly professional blend of existing cartography and sophisticated mapping services.



At Kroll we make client satisfaction our focus.  Communication with our clients at the onset of any job is critical to the success of that project.  We have a long track record of customer satisfaction.  Kroll has the proven ability to convey complex ideas graphically and spatially with the use of our existing cartography and the creation of custom map products.

Kroll is a third-generation family business that emphasizes quality mapping services and customer satisfaction.  In our long history, we carry with us the spirit of many great employees, customers, and friendships.  We are proud of our history in the local business community and we look forward to serving you long into the future.



A great part of our story is intertwined with Metsker Maps of Seattle.  Please visit the new Metsker Maps location at Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood and their flagship store in the Pike Place Market.

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